Best Budget Double Din Head Unit

Do you have a factory-installed stereo unit in your car?

Do you want to upgrade your car by installing a double-din head unit?

Unlike the single din head units, the double din head units are a much better option to choose from as they offer plenty of features and have a large-sized screen that can change the look of your car’s interiors. Automakers worldwide love fitting the best budget double din head unit in modern vehicles. 

People tend to buy the current heat unit because it is appropriately sized in a new car. Be wise to consult a fit guide before making a purchase. If you ask me my choice, I will suggest Kenwood DDX26BT, its unique feature and connectivity with both iPhone and android make it my all-time favourite.

You’re probably looking for the best budget double din head unit, and you’re at the very right place. You need to read the full article and a space for a double din head unit on your dashboard. 

I have compiled the list of Best Budget Double Din Head Unit So that you can easily choose from this list of best car stereos with Bluetooth and G.P.S. and backup cameras, as there are numerous head units out there in stores. So, let’s move on to the reviews.

Kenwood DDX26BT

Kenwood is a well-known Japanese company founded in 1946-47, and they have this well-deserved prominence in the electronics world.

Kenwood DDX-26BT is one of the best car stereos under 300. It provides a WVGA 6.2 inches touchscreen, making it convenient while driving a car. 

It is the best budget double din head unit with a Bluetooth feature that allows you to make hands-free calling and music streaming. This Kenwood DVD receiver supports dual phone connectivity, like genuinely two smartphones connected simultaneously.

It provides a radio, USB port, CD or DVD, and an optional SiriusXM Ready can also be installed if you want commercial-free music, entertainment, sports, news, and much more.

And a great feature about it is that it can connect with both iPhone and Android, making it the best double din head unit with Apple Carplay.

Customer Review

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“This is really stereo. It does a lot. It’s not very user-friendly so you’ll need to watch an instructional video once it’s installed to program it. This has all the bells and whistles.”


  • A remote App can control essential functions with a connected phone
  • Easy to use
  • Android charge with USB port
  • Can customize its background
  • 13-band Equalizer and D.T.A. allows you to tune the music according to your position


  • It becomes barely visible in direct sunlight

Boss Audio BV9364B

Boss Audio BV9364B is the best double din head unit with a Bluetooth feature that allows you to connect your smartphone with it. It can play or stream music, and it also allows you to make hands-free calls while driving.

It fits your demand for fine-tuned music and controls everything wirelessly as it has a wireless remote. You can customize your theme as you like by maintaining balance, treble, bass, and fader, all this through a wireless remote.

You can watch videos through a DVD or CD player pop in the CD, or you can also choose USB or S.D. ports for such purposes, which are more convenient these days and have almost replaced DVDs and C.D.s. And radio is the definite option for news, sports and many more. It has a 6.2 inches LCD touchscreen display, and you can also have a rear camera view if one is installed.

Customer Review

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“Good value product. For standard quality. The touch screen is not as sensitive as I would like. Overall everything functions well.”


  • Hands-free calling and streaming
  • Compatible with audio of smartphones and MP3s
  • You can also install the rearview camera.
  • Built-In Bluetooth and navigation
  • Video output allows you to connect an extra screen


  • Cannot upload backgrounds
  • Sometimes refuses to play CD

Pioneer AVH-220EX

Pioneer AVH-220EX is the best budget double din head unit; it has brilliant features at such a price and has a beautiful 6.2 inches W.V.G.A. display, which allows you to have precise control over the stereo.

This two din head unit has a Bluetooth feature to make hands-free calling and music streaming without distraction while driving. This Pioneer DVD receiver allows dual phone connectivity like genuinely two smartphones connected simultaneously.

Pioneer AVH-220EX is an audio/video receiver designed to be compatible with Android and iPhone, making it an exceptional stereo. 

It supports USB and DVD sources and safety features like camera backup and many more. It merely enhances your In-vehicle audio experience precisely by its connectivity feature with your smartphone.

Customer Review

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“I’m in love with this pioneer unit! I installed it in my 2006 Chevy Impala, if you’ve installed radios before, it won’t take you long to put it in. You’ll need to buy a separate wire harness to bypass the parking brake wire if you want the DVDs to play while you’re moving. I also installed the backup camera which works great too”


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate control while operating due to W.V.G.A. display
  • Back up camera
  • Listen to music stored in your smartphone without a specific App
  • Better call quality


  • More screen warnings may annoy you
  • Gives warning even when parking brake on

Boss Audio BCPA9685RC

Boss Audio BCPA9685RC is the best budget double din head unit with Apple car play and Android Auto. It has brilliant Apple Carplay software, making it efficient with the rest of Apple’s devices. That’s why it will not create any fuss if you’re an Apple user. Boss Audio BCPA9685RC is the best double din head unit with Apple Carplay, and it only connects with iOS devices. That’s where your Apple devices get secure. 

This Apple Carplay double din head unit gives a 6.75 inches beautiful LCD touchscreen display. And you can control your touchscreen by activating Siri, and you will be able to manage all iOS apps with your voice that allows you to drive with the concentration needed on the road.

A safety feature that slows the music while you’re reversing your car so that you can concentrate in a better way. It can read your text msgs for you if you want to read them to have your eyes on the road.

Customer Review

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“With the new cars coming into the market, they are all offering BIG touch screens thanks to Tesla paving the way. Someone recommended this unit in a Facebook Jeep Group and I had to jump on it to throw it in my 2003 Jeep Wrangler. It is a perfect fit. The screen moves up and down and also swivels left and right. Another plus is when I have my top down I can remove the touch screen easily.”


  • It makes driving more manageable and safer
  • Backup safely ( slows music while reversing )
  • Navigation apps tell routes by asking Siri or Carplay
  • Google Assistant gives all-day-long assistance
  • Can control deep E.Q. setting


  • Compatible only with iOS devices
  • DVD & CD is not supported
  • Charging might be slower.

ATOTO A6 – Cheap Double Din Head Unit 

Atoto A6 is one of the best cheap double-din head units having great features. This best budget double din head unit is optimized to perform well in vehicles. It has a Bluetooth feature that genuinely allows you to wireless control your stereo.

It supports connection to smartphones’ B.T. tethering the internet. Mirroring with your smartphone is easy and works efficiently on iPhone and Android. This two-din head unit is an excellent choice on such a budget. It provides a 1024×600 pixels display, making it brighter and clear in daylight.

It also supports FM/AM radio, and the microphone is very effective so that you won’t be yelling in your car. It supports dual Bluetooth connectivity and supports micro S.D. 256GB.

Customer Review

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“Atoto A6 PF. Installed in my 2003 Tahoe. Looks great! Good sound quality, great features and for a fraction of the price compared to big brands. The touch screen is ok, but sometimes I have to hit it multiple times. The Apple CarPlay wireless is a very nice option and was the main reason I wanted it. Some of the other apps loaded on it seem useless. The microphone included for hands-free calling works well. “


  • A great feature in price
  • It starts in 2 seconds after the engine starts
  • Constant updates from Auto to make it perform even better
  • It makes it much more compatible with vehicles than other stereos
  • Screen lock option for privacy


  • Without the latest update, some apps won’t work
  • Slow boot when not updated

Sony XAVAX1000

First of all, the significant thing to know is that you should not even read about this product if you’re not an Apple user, as it only supports iOS devices. There are many Android users who later on complain about the incompatibility of these products.

Now, moving on to its description Sony XAVAX1000 simply is the best double din head unit with Apple Carplay. That’s why most Apple users love this best budget double din head unit because it keeps their Apple devices working better.

It provides voice control, a rearview camera, extra bass, and many more features with a 6.2 inches touch screen display having rotatory volume for easy operation.

You can display your phone on a bigger screen, which may not be a helpful feature. However, it still is a feature, and voice control is a great thing that is efficient in this model and will provide a great and safe driving experience. 

Apple Carplay enhances your driving experience by providing G.P.S. navigation, calling, and music play with voice control. It makes your ride smoother and safer.


  • Easy to use
  • Apple Carplay makes the journey safer
  • Hands-free control
  • Voice control helps with directions
  • Create virtual speakers on your dashboard with the dynamic stage organizer


  • Expensive according to features
  • DVD/CD is not supported

Jensen CMR270

Jensen celebrated its centenary ( 100 years ) in 2015, making them an experienced electronics company. They probably had made this due to their hard work and exceptional work.

The Jensen CMR270 is the best double-din head unit with navigation and Bluetooth. If you don’t want to tinker with your smartphone while driving, then this car stereo is made for you.

The Built-In iGo primo navigation app is an excellent alternative to your phone’s navigation system. It provides a 7 inches large touchscreen display. It has built-in Bluetooth USB/ micro SD ports, which allow you to make and receive calls and wirelessly stream music.

It is easy to install but is not easy to operate. Its navigation system is excellent due to the iGo primo navigation app. Bluetooth supports a wide range of devices, making them more intelligent.

If your family had both iPhone and Android devices, this would be a great choice to make as it supports both.

Customer Review

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“To be honest, four stars feels like a reach for this product, but based on price and expectations, I think it’s fair. I was looking for a budget double DIN unit that would support a backup camera and hands-free communication for a new driver in our house. This checks the boxes and was easy to install with the separately ordered wire harness adapter and mounting plate.”


  • Easy installation
  • Built-In iGo Primo navigation app with Naviextras Web Support
  • Reasonable price and remote control facility
  • USB Fast charging
  • Music streaming with iPhone, Android, and other devices


  • Answers call automatically
  • Call center services aren’t good

Pioneer DMH-220EX

Pioneer is a Japanese company founded in 1938, and Japan is well-known for developing tremendously great things. Pioneer DMH-220EX is a double din head unit with a Bluetooth feature that provides hands-free calling and streaming, which is very convenient these days as traffic is increasing and it’s not safe to use mobile while driving.

This beautiful head unit is compatible with both iPhone and Android. It supports USB/MP3 and many more audio playback and supports MPEG/JPEG and many more video playback.

Pioneer is a legitimate company in electronics, and you’ll have a great experience while using it. It provides a 6.2 inches display, which is not the biggest on the list but offers a good look, and it has five display colours with 112 key colours.

It also has a backup camera Ready and Bluetooth hands-free profile 1.6, including Wideband Speech Capability, making call sound quality even better by offering double the bandwidth frequency.

Customer Review

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“Great product and looks great. Touch screen works great and the amplifier makes even stock speakers sound better.”


  • Easy installation
  • Dual A.V. output option
  • Apple Carplay and Android integrations
  • WiFi screencast for Android
  • Basic operations F.F./Rev, play/pause, random play, repeat


  • Dim to use in daylight
  • Slow charging

ATOTO A6G2A7KLDouble Din Car Stereo

The Atoto A6 KL is the new release in the A6 series. It is one of the best Articles Car Electronics has ever developed. Although they are not that experienced like other legitimate companies, they make great reliable products that can compete by providing what people want, especially in their budget.

It has a 7-inch Touchscreen, Live Rear-view, Privacy Protection, 2 Seconds Boot, FCAM HD 720P front camera video input, 2 USB interfaces for data communication, and HD 720P Rear-view camera input.

This Atoto A6 KL has built-In Bluetooth, a radio tuner with R.D.S., AUX video/audio input, a G.P.S. navigation module, and many more. It has a pre-amplifier with higher R.M.S. power to support speakers from 2 Ohms to 8 Ohms.

It is the best budget double din head unit for Apple Carplay and the best budget double din head unit for Android. It supports connection to smartphones’ B.T. tethering the internet. Mirroring with your smartphone is easy and works efficiently on iPhone and Android.

The dual-WiFi connection allows it to connect even if public/routers hotspots A.P. a band of 5GHz. Besides having reverse camera input, two extra video inputs will enable the user to connect two cameras simultaneously.

Customer Review

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“This radio was simple to set up, easy to install with the narrow chassis and looks pretty nice in the dash. Sound quality is as one would expect from radio at this price range.”


  • Hand Gesture allows you to control your tracks can skip them, and control volumes and other operations
  • Reversing camera output
  • Separate woofer output (0.8v)
  • Micro SD slot to store media


  • Slow boot when not updated
  • In solid daylight, the hand gesture feature may be interrupted

Boss Audio BV9358B

Boss Audio BV9358B provides built-in Bluetooth and media playback, and it is compatible with audio output from MP3s and smartphones. It also supports USB and S.D. ports. 

The video output allows you to connect extra screens for more viewing capacity. It provides 80W x 4 max power. You can entirely customize your sound by controlling balance, bass, and fader through a wireless remote.

Boss Audio BV9358B is the best budget double din head unit. And this is also the very first thing you should consider before reading about it and its reviews on the store. People usually forget the price and demand the perfect stereo, which is impossible.

Customer Review

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“Overall, I am very pleased. My main reason for the replacement was the factory CD player stopped working. A secondary goal was adding Bluetooth / handsfree, and also a 3rd party add/on backup camera system I had stopped working.
This unit accomplished all three goals, and eliminated the use of the clumsy backup camera display and Bluetooth headset, which was really more distracting than just using the phone.”


  • More digital music options
  • 6.2 inches Digital L.E.D
  • Slide-in CD/DVD
  • Make and receive calls wirelessly
  • Play and control music streaming wirelessly


  • Max power is maybe half of what was told
  • Pull plastic flap to use AUX

Buying Guide

Specifically, the double din head unit is a concern because people want hands-free music streaming and calling, making your journey relatively safer. 

In this buying guide, I will tell you how to choose the right car stereo. Double-din head units are the best performers, and they do provide better wireless connectivity and navigation features.

There are a few points that must be considered before making any decision to buy from the products given above.

Single Din or Double Din Head Unit

Firstly, we need to know what we want to search for. Whether a single din head unit or a double din unit. Single din head units are the smaller ones that provide fewer features or less control over music streaming. They may do hands-free calling or talk while driving, but it doesn’t have a bigger screen to display. It has limited features. 

While on the other hand, when it comes to double din head units, they have a larger screen and can display G.P.S. navigation. They can make and receive calls and simply provide precise control over the music. It mostly has a touch screen these days and has a vast range of features.


It is essential to know that every car stereo doesn’t support all devices.

There could be head units that work for both Apple and Android users. There are different types of double din head units in the list provided.

There are different sizes of double din head units. You can alter your car for a new car stereo, but you should consider the head unit according to your vehicle if you don’t want to. 

Pre-amp Outputs

The signal before it’s amplified is known as pre-amp. Head units come with different numbers of pre-amp outputs. And the number of signals determines the number of amplifiers and equalizers that can be added without using a conversion adapter. I recommend a unit having multiple works that will allow future expansions without breaking the bank.

Max Power and R.M.S. Power

It will be easier to understand power if you have ever experienced distorting sound from your radio. That noise you hear from speakers is mainly caused due to power deficiency. 

Generally, high power means better performance. But our primary concern is the power delivered to speakers, so they must get enough power to work on intense music.


Different head units provide various features. Our concern is what connectivity options our head unit offers and how many devices can connect to such head units simultaneously.

These days, models support USB, AUX, and especially Bluetooth, which provides a hands-free experience in calling and music streaming, which relishes your driving experience.

CD/DVDs are not supportive in recent head units as people don’t have them, but there are still several options.

Easy to Use

After finding an appropriate double din head unit according to its integration with your smart devices, whether they are Apple or Android devices, now you need to look for the easy usability of such a head unit.


Suppose you’re thinking about installing that stereo on your own. In that case, you must consider an easy installation process not to do it wrong. Even a single din head unit has numerous wires which don’t support many features. You must think of the double din head unit, which could have dozens of features. 

A wiring harness could help separate wires, making installation easier. But still, I recommend a professional installation for a better building, which will be stress-free even from a future point of view.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Single din and Double din?

The significant difference is its size and features. Single din head units are 7×2 inches usually. And double din head units have a standard size of 7×4 usually, but they could be custom-made by manufacturers these days.

Single din head units can only support audio output, whereas double din provides video output.

Single din head units don’t have a convenient display, while double din head units are made for bigger and better shows.

What stereo will fit in my car?

It just depends on your car’s model—cars these days come with both single or double din head units. 

If your car had a double din head unit previously, no matter if it was the standard size or custom, you could replace it with the same sized double din head unit or smaller sized head unit.

Do all double din head units have navigation features?

Every double din head unit will probably have different features, not just navigation but also some hands-free features. All of them support other functionalities. 

What are the benefits of double din head units?

  • The expansive display makes it easier to view information like navigation.
  • A two-din head unit makes it much easier to control features precisely.
  • It adds aesthetic value to your car, and the dashboard looks smarter.
  • Built-in G.P.S. navigation provides easy navigation.
  • Allows hands-free calling 
  • Can browse music online 


The best budget double din head units are made to provide your car with a better and latest look at an affordable price. They mostly have large touch screens these days and offer hands-free features to make your driving experience better and trouble-free.

This article provides a genuine review of the ten best budget double din head units with different features, prices, sizes, and display panels. 

Now, I’ve made the process very convenient by telling you things you must consider. The only thing to do is the decision on the budget that you and only you can make.

I hope you have answers to every question and are satisfied with the review provided. If you want to know more, you are free to write to us—also check out our related articles.

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