Best Position For Subwoofer In Trunk

Music is the only entertainment the driver can safely enjoy while driving. And to elevate your music experience, you must install a subwoofer. The trunk is usually the most accessible place to put the enclosure. But you must know the best position for a subwoofer in the trunk? If you don’t know, then you are at the right place.

Speakers that excel at low frequencies are called subwoofers. They require enclosure’s proper function because they are huge. The placement of subwoofers has long been a contentious issue among music fans. However, the best position for subwoofer in the trunk depends on several factors.

These factors include your overarching goal, your musical choices, your personality, and the brand and model of your vehicle. The key to success is experimentation. You can only figure out which path works best for you through active investigation. What kind of subwoofer arrangement you are using should also impact your decision.

Position Of Subs In Trunk

Here are three configurations for your sub inside your car:

1. Facing the front of the car, facing the backseat

A very unusual arrangement involves inverting the subwoofers inside a sealed enclosure, so the woofer points downward and projects from the section, aiming the entire enclosure towards the hood. This indicates that the subwoofers now face the driver and passenger rather than the trunk. This positioning enables bass to be felt by every part of your car, unlike the opposite direction indicated above. This is an excellent idea for individuals who are not concerned with loud bass because it won’t drown out tones over 200 Hz.

2. In the back of the car, facing the boot.

Most enthusiasts for custom automobile audio employ this approach the most frequently. The bass is amplified and dispersed more uniformly throughout the car’s surface area when the subwoofer is mounted in the trunk against the last row of seats, facing away from the driver. This is the way to go if you’re searching for heavy bass that pairs well with bass-heavy genres like Rap, Dubstep, Trap, etc.

3. Turning to look up and toward the trunk hatch

Car owners who want to maximize their cargo capacity choose this configuration. The subwoofer is pointed upward when in the trunk, giving you powerful bass without taking up much room. With a bit of advantage to high frequencies and treble, this direction produces clean sound and won’t cause as much rattling of loose parts in your car. You won’t notice where the aftermarket woofer is mounted if the bass is played correctly. The sound quality will also be more affected by experimenting with the position. For instance, placing a subwoofer in the right-hand corner of your trunk would improve the bass response for the passengers while making the results louder for the driver.

Benefits Of Sub Installation In Trunk 

Because it is simple to install subwoofers in the trunk, that is where they are most frequently found.

One needs to add extra equipment, usually in the box, to establish a system that can play at loud volumes.

There is no access to the trunk. It is concealed in the back. Without getting to the box, neither you nor your passengers can see what’s inside. As a result, you and your passengers will have more room in the cab if you put your subwoofer in the trunk.

The fact that they are pretty secure is the final benefit of storing a subwoofer in the trunk.

Alternative Locations for Sub Installation

1. The car’s front:

The optimal location for a subwoofer in a car is if the driver and co-driver are the ones who typically listen to music. I agree that it is unusual, but because it is close, the sound output will be much more accurate. Although the bass production is smoother overall, it won’t have the same effect throughout the car.

2. Back seat

You get superior sound distribution and bass production when you put the subwoofer in the back seat. The front seats or the ground can be the direction the subwoofer points in various situations.

Although the benefit is evident and will improve the sound quality, the back passengers might not be happy with it. They may experience louder sounds than people sitting in the front because the sound source is closer to them.

3. In front of the front seat

We believe we should install a subwoofer in a car in this location. Undoubtedly, you’ll need to install two subwoofers underneath the drivers. The ideal subwoofer size is roughly 8 inches, less than the single, massive subwoofer in the trunk, but you will get a far better result if you put two of them under the seats that fire upwards. 

This is primarily due to the subwoofer’s placement, which practically places it in the middle of the car’s length, giving the entire vehicle the same sensation. It will sound considerably better if you pair this with the manufacturer’s stock door speakers.

Questions and Answers

Why are subwoofers kept in the trunk?

The fact that they are pretty secure is the final benefit of storing a subwoofer in the trunk. If the subwoofer box is installed correctly, it should be securely fastened behind the rear seats and tucked away into the corner. This provides stability when taking sharp turns or in the event of emergency braking.

In the trunk, do subwoofers sound good?

The spare parts in the trunk are mostly typical items. Bass has no trouble making his way to the front. If it is encased in the trunk, if anything, it should aid bass response slightly and frequently reduces any distortion caused by a subwoofer of low quality or inadequate power.

Which direction should the truck’s subwoofer be facing?

Most bass fans position their subwoofers facing the back, pointing them at the tailgate of an SUV or the back of the truck’s cab for a powerful bass sound and feel.


Hopefully, this article helps you find the best position for subwoofer in the trunk. There is no correct answer, in our opinion. The choice is ultimately yours. Whichever placement suits you should go for. After all, you better know your vehicle type and music taste.

If there is anything else, let us know in the comment section. For more information, read out our related articles.

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