Best subwoofer for single cab truck

Are you in the hunt for the best subwoofer for single cab truck? If yes, you want the best quality of music for your cab truck, and you must also be looking for a great bass to meet similar requirements.

There are multitudinous options with great features, so we’ve decided to give you a complete companion. You’ll find the details of the best subwoofer for single cab truck followed by an ultimate buying companion and must-know FAQs.

Still, the Subwoofers are just one of several possible speakers. They’ve specific operations to reproduce lower sounds at lower frequencies than other speakers.

Stay with us to find out if this is the type of automotive speaker you need. In the following section, we review  the 10 best subwoofers for a single  cab truck.

Kenwood KSC-PSW8

We have the perfect sub for those who are looking to get some great sound in their truck without immolating precious space. This Kenwood subwoofer is an 8- inch one, and it’s rated at 150 Watts RMS.

This is the winner for you. Don’t underrate this bone because it delivers a punchy bass that you can feel. Plus, it hits the lows impeccably, so if you want to round out your system.

This Kenwood delivers some hard-hitting bass if you don’t have the space to spare. It’s ideal for daily driving, and stylish of all, the remote will allow you to acclimate the bass situations according to each song.

Small and packs a punch, this sub has a slim profile, so it won’t take up too much space, and it’s ideal for truck possessors.

Safe driving the remote is handy and easy to use, so you can keep your eyes on the road while still conforming to the bass according to every song.

Some people complained that the underpinning is extremely hard. This can be true if you don’t get the correct wiring harness. Also, if you’re wedged, it’s a good idea to let a pro look at it.

This is a veritably popular sub amongst truck possessors, and I’ve installed it in so numerous of them that I’ve lost count. Now it’s your turn. However, snare it while they’re available or threaten to stay for a long time If you feel this sub is the right fit.


  • It has an ultra-thin profile while banging hard.
  • It hits the lows impeccably, and it rounds out the sound system nicely.
  • Excellent remote control clump to acclimate the bass on the cover for every song.


  • Not that easy to mount if you don’t have the proper harness.
  • It’s just an 8- inch sub.

Rockville Adjustable Input Sensitivity Apm10b 800 Watt Slim Low Profile Car Subwoofer

The Rockville subwoofer is one of the most famed brands internationally for Subwoofer and Speakers.

Still, despite being one of the cleanest subwoofers to hear from everyone on the list, it has a price added to the brand value that doesn’t always please people who want to start erecting their Home Theater or Home Cinema.

The Rockville Apm10b and its exclusive bus-turn technology delivers a nearly perfect spectral balance, reproducing the songs with details no way endured before.

Rockville Apm10b is one of the stylish, balanced, and important subwoofers ideal for your single hack truck. Also, it’s available at an affordable price, offering great value for plutocrats.

This subwoofer model by Rockville can filter out high and medial frequencies that try to sneak in the frequency band. So it can give you a clear sound.

Still, it has a simple design with excellent performance, If we talk about creating this model. Its panels are made of MDF material. Also, it’s covered with black vinyl, making it a plan with a stealthy unit.

All by each, this subwoofer model by Rockville is by far one of the most powerful and essential subwoofers you can buy for your truck. It comes at stylish prices, so you don’t have any arguments not to buy it.


  • Great quality of sound.
  • Suitable for large-sized exchanges as well.
  • Outstanding performance.


  • Effortless design.

Alphasonik High-Quality AS12DF 12 Inch 1500 Watts Max Slim Thin Loaded Subwoofer

The TS-W series subwoofers combine superior sound, technology, and design. They have an entirely open quadrangle, which suppresses aversion efficiently, icing precise, clear, and metrical bass. Each subwoofer also incorporates advanced technology.

This subwoofer offers excellent flexibility thanks to its binary four-voice coil. It allows you to conclude for a 2 or 8 configuration (as long as the correct power match). The TS-W311D4 offers up to 1400 W and is suitable for available apartments.

This model is loaded with spectacular features similar to IMPP cone with 3D shape and finagled to last; this sub has a sturdy 3D shape IMPP cone, making the body ultra-rigid yet featherlight, giving it essential bass with minimum deformation.

Unlike regular subwoofers, this sub has a separate spider mount that improves tailwind. While temperature and climate are kept to a minimum, the maximum response ensures high-quality sound at high volumes.

Enjoy the loftiest quality sound with the TS-W311D4 subwoofer, which features a completely enclosed press, icing clear, precise bass. Easy to install, these subwoofers are compact and give clean audio, modern acoustics, high frequency, and warm sound.


  • The sub provides a wide range of frequencies.
  • Decent performance with excellent features.
  • One of the well-known brand.
  • Affordable, price is under budget.


  • It can not repel the loftiest volume.

Pioneer TS-WX1210A 12 Inch Sealed Active Subwoofer Quadrangle with Erected-In Amplifier

Pioneer saw that numerous audio suckers couldn’t find enough space to put the typical subwoofer boxes, which, although they come in colorful designs, are generally relatively large.

This is how this Pioneer auto subwoofer arose that solves this problem since it fits in the hole of a spare 12 inches sealed active subwoofer, which doesn’t take up new space in the charge.

This Pioneer model incorporates 12 inches speakers erected into the unit to make the sound harmonious. The cover is cast aluminum, with a design allowing it to gain contemporary resonance in the team.

Colonist TS-WX1210A is designed with high bandwidth, low deformation, and high affair with a 300W Class D amplifier coupled to high sensitive woofers explicitly optimized to use in sealed and small enclosures.

The impedance is 2 ohms, 101dB perceptivity, and responds at 25 to 180 Hz frequency. This provides defined bass and incredible audio power, thanks to increased perceptivity.

The intriguing thing is that it doesn’t need an external amplifier because it formerly incorporates a 350W RMS erected-in class D amplificatory.

This model is designed with a trapezoid shape, made for high severity. It reduces standing internal swells while also adding installation inflexibility.


  • The box is erected solidly.
  • Speak is mounted nicely.
  • Great sound quality.
  • It’s loud enough.
  • Heavy-duty classes for mounting.


  • Not important bass.

Rockford Fosgate R2 High-Flow and Low- Noise Port Design Single 12-Inch Subwoofer Quadrangle

Rockford Fosgate is one of the healthy-known brands in the field of subwoofers. The stylish subwoofer technology argues for R2. Entirely superior and loaded with great features.

Still, R2 is your stylish option, If you’re looking for a subwoofer because you like music.

Within the evolutionary chain of the Subwoofer, Rockford Fosgate remains at the top. It gives a strong sound punch. This model has a binary 4-ohm voice coil that allows you to wire the sub for 2-or 8-ohm impedance.

Rockford Fosgate optimizes the Prime sub for both ported and sealed so you can select which type of bass you’re looking for on your trip.

It’s a Rockford auto subwoofer with an RMS power of 500W, although it has maximum peaks of 1000W, with which you can take advantage of that power with an audio amplifier. Although, in itself, it doesn’t need it, and it can work impeccably with any regular truck radio.

The Rockford Fosgate R2 has a 12- inch speaker and a super seductive design to fluent place in the auto without the need for holes or acclimations. Due to its price, it’s one of the stylish profitable subwoofers on demand and has excellent features.


  • 12 gauge compression terminals.
  • Budget friendly sub.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Heavy-duty classes for mounting.
  • Strong sound punch.


  • Great for a small truck but not so much for a crew cab.
  • Have good sound but if you want hard hitting not the speakers for you but other then that they sound good.

ASC High-Quality Dual 12-Inch Box Regular Cab Truck Subwoofer with 600 Watts Peak

The power and clarity of ASC Dual speakers is a commodity most druggies agree on. The ASC is one of the stylish speakers manufactured by this brand and is honored for its high-impact bass and solid, featherlight construction.

It can handle a maximum power of 300 W, indeed at high volumes. Its cone is made of polypropylene with an injection of plum mica and comes with a waveguide technology that eliminates phase deformation. The result is a vital bass affair and a more comprehensive frequency response.

This speaker features an important attraction made of interest, which, combined with a slim and compact case, allows for easy installation. On the other hand, the rotating tweeter fluently addresses better staging.

This model comes with Kicker C12, which has numerous great features that including loudest bass, stylish sounding, high-temperature coil line, super-rigid cone with injection-molded articulation pole pieces for heat dispersion, robust sword handbasket, durable entwined leads, unheroic and tough double-stitching girding, and handy outstations.

Its innovative design allows it to manage peaceful surroundings. Its cones made of fitted carbon are the largest in this order. These features dramatically reduce deformation, performing in lesser effectiveness.


  • Best-sounding, loudest bass for the buck.
  • Super-rigid, injection-molded cone with 360-degree back bracing.Vented pole piece for heat dissipation.
  • Strong steel basket with coil-cooling perimeter venting.
  • Handy spring-loaded terminals.
  • Clean, clear bass and easy to tune.


  • Box construction is weak.
  • Box is not airtight.

Kicker 10 Inch 600 Watt Max Power 4 Ohm Vented Thin Profile Subwoofer Quadrangle

This is an expanded subwoofer for a classic auto with box format, with an RMS power of 300W, with maximum peaks of 600W. We’re talking about a fundamental unit that requires an amplifier to gain top performance.

The unit incorporates a 10 inches speaker, furnishing the platoon with important bass and exceptional volume. Thus, the box is acoustically carpeted to help audio deformation as it minimizes climate and provides an unrestricted terrain that accentuates the bass.

Also, this outfit impedes 4 ohms, 9.8 dB perceptivity, and responds to frequentness ranging from 32-1000Hz. We speak of a veritably protean unit with an excellent response to low frequentness and medial and high frequentness.

The Kicker 10 inch sub is a good option; keep in mind that the box is significant; if you want to make an audio system for your auto and suppose it’s an important commodity. 

It is designed with a 10- inch slim yet essential subwoofer. Either it equips faultlessly under or behind your seat. It’s made with a robust MDF design, and also it has a thick-sized black mat for super continuity. It has 9.8 dB that offers excellent music on your lift.


  • Super sound quality.
  • Robust, high-quality box.
  • Exceptional performance.
  • Thin profile fits perfectly under or behind a seat.


  • Some users said that it has poor quality.

ASC Package Single 10 Inch Kicker Sub Box Regular Hack Truck Subwoofer with 300 Watts Peak

The ASC model ranges from 30 to 500 Hz, completing the prominent leader in the bracket of effective subwoofers. ASC single has a compact design with a 10- inch speaker that’s veritably suitable for small exchanges.

It’s designed with an amplifier that’s erected-in with 150 W power. Also, it has 300 W maximum power with 91dB perceptivity, including a remote control for configuration. The box is shaped like a trapezoid; it has a soft-touching coating.

It has a 150 watt RMS. This provides excellent deformation-free performance, should you plan to install it on a high-power stereo. Its cone is designed with a mica matrix multi-layer. And so it gives more profound, more comprehensive, and clear sound quality and bass.

Its Multi-layer construction point offers a rich sound. As it has been designed with wrapping material, its elastic polymer provides a precise response. Also, it’s featherlight and offers water resistance, so we can say it’s the right subwoofer for your single cab truck.

Still, its cone is designed with polypropylene, giving a super bass effect, If we talk about its sound structure. Also, its rubber ring offers life and the most satisfactory performance.


  • Malleable flex befitting handbasket.
  • 1- time-limited bond.
  • It’s incorporated with VATS cone.


  • It can increase the blow-eschewal threat

Kicker 1000W 12 Inch Max Power Slim Shallow Subwoofer Sealed Quadrangle

The kicker is a brand that has gained worldwide recognition, thanks to the manufacture of exceptional design and quality auto speakers. This brand is the first to manufacture total-range frequency speakers specially designed for buses and exchanges.

Among the coming-generation speakers in the Kicker series, this 500W is a model that stands out especially. Kicker 1000W 12 inches subwoofers are designed with great features that offer enhanced performance.

It has 1000 watts of maximum power. This provides excellent deformation-free performance, should you plan to install it on a high-power stereo.

Its cone is designed with a mica matrix multi-layered that allows deeper bass and a more comprehensive sound experience. The multi-layer structure provides rich sound and offers good water resistance. Also, it has a featherlight design.

The covering material utilizes an elastic polymer that offers better and more precise response. Also, it has a heat-resistant coil and is made to endure high-power sweats.

Considering its impeccable construction, it has cooling reflections, a rigid cone, and a high-temperature voice coil. Its more significant face part formerly offers an audio boost, and its cone, made with polypropylene, allows the subwoofers to take benefits of its 88.3-dB perceptivity.


  • Binary 12- inch motorist.
  • Included a mono amplifier.
  • Clean and crisp bass.
  • Temp- regulating system.


  • Its wiring is relatively low-quality.

Skar Audio SDR 18 Inch High Flux Ferrite Motor 1200 Watt Max Power Dual Car Subwoofer

An active auto subwoofer is designed to take up as little space as possible but give the outside an 18 inches unit. It has an RMS power of 600W, with maximum peaks of 1200W, making it an intriguing outfit piece.

The box has two options; it can be used open or unrestricted as a kickback box, further accentuating the bass, although the volume is dwindling. It incorporates a 150W amplifier; it has enough power without external equipment.

Skar Audio SDR offers ultra-low bass frequency. It can only be produced by a large-sized subwoofer and offers watts of peak power. Thanks to its high-temp 2.5- inch high- inflow motor and bobby coil.

Suppose you’re looking for a stylish subwoofer that provides authoritative low frequency. This model is ideal for a daily regulator that can fluently handle whatever is given to you.


  • Advanced cooling design.
  • High power affair.
  • Multi-layered voice coil.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • Complex installation.

Buying Companion

Some points must be considered while purchasing the best subwoofer for single cab truck subwoofer for a truck

In addition to everything, we’ve formerly explained about these stylish subwoofers for single hack truck products. There are some more critical factors to consider before buying a Subwoofer.


Don’t confuse power with tone or range. The power number is conventional to be measured in RMS. This number means the cargo you can admit from an amplifier or player without recording.

A subwoofer will enhance the experience of harkening to the radio in your single hack truck. Immaculately, no way to use a product with lower power than the amp. This will spawn severe damage to your sound system and numerous headaches.


Technically speaking, impedance is the resistance of the coils of a speaker to the passage of electrical energy. This number, measured in ohms, is related to the power and frequency reproduced.

We can find impedances of 1, 2, 4, and over to 8 ohms on subwoofers. There’s nearly no perception of the difference between one and the other for daily use.

Still, advanced impedance is formerly recommended, If it’s intended for external use.


Connectivity is an important point. As for the wired, the possibilities are numerous. Although the most common is an RCA connection, it isn’t the only option.

Thus, you must know what kind of inputs the device to which you’ll connect their offers. However, conclude for a Bluetooth speaker, although it also has to be compatible with your device, If not.


Not all subwoofers are used for the same purpose. Although a single speaker can perform in different scripts, the idea is that you buy the bone that meets your actual requirements and not the implicit or unborn bones.

If you’re a nut of a progressive gemstone, a movable speaker will fall suddenly.


Perceptivity, along with size, directly influences the quality of the audio. The more advanced it is, the lesser the power needed to induce more severe swells, reaching the model’s complete eventuality.


The stylish branding matters when it comes to subwoofers; we don’t mean that you invest in ignominious or prestigious enterprises like Sony or LG. In these cases, you frequently pay further for the name than the product.

They indeed offer options of exceptional quality, but there are other companies of lower weight but experts in the field similar to Edifier or Pioneer.

EQ Modes

EQ modes are essential to configure the speaker to different interests. Or, indeed, within one, acclimatize it to your tastes or the audio quality.

Still, much better, If the subwoofer you’ll buy has this option.


Dimension is another vital point to consider while buying stylish truck subs. It’s essential because you can check whether it’ll fit in your truck or not.

Subwoofer mount sets on the hinder rack frequently, where another electrical installation is also fixed. So, if you don’t measure it correctly, you’ll need some DIY for the revision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should the automotive subwoofer be?

Be sure to pay attention to the size of the automotive subwoofer – the ubiquitous figures to find are 8, 10, 12, 15, and 18 elevations. This will significantly impact the sound produced.

The larger a subwoofer, the more it moves the air in a stir that generates a good surge. Thus, it’ll have a lower frequency and different bass sounds.

In other words, an 18- inch subwoofer requires much additional interior space in your vehicle but produces much-advanced quality sound. 

Which one is right for your single cab truck?

Well, it depends on what you want to have in your sound system. The quality will presumably ameliorate with better recognition of the instrument—veritably low sound peregrination shorter distances.

Still, the further down from the vehicle, the more this quality will fade. Thus, subwoofers are recommended in two situations if you want a high-quality sound system inside the auto for harkening while driving or if you want a different visceral experience with the shaky ground in external situations.

How numerous subwoofers do you need to enthrall?

A. The other subwoofers you put in advanced the sound pressure at low frequency. Unlike medial and high frequency, using multiple subwoofers has no negative effect. Thanks to its great wavelength.


Single cab truck audio could be described as the set of ways to ease the original sound outfit of auto to meet our musical expectations. However, we will have to have clear introductory generalities, If we want to take the step and lessen the sound quality of our auto.

That will help us understand and plan the enhancement that we can make, either by ourselves or with the help of an installer professional. Good auto subwoofers are just the result you need to give your hack truck’s audio a unique touch with redundant bass power.

Still, a product allows you to enhance your system If it has good quality. You are perfecting the event and compass sound sensation typical of these products. So, you can enjoy a different sound experience.

The commodity you can get with the best subwoofer for a single cab truck.

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