How much does it cost to replace car speakers?

Are you washing up with your car sound system? Do you think your car’s audio system needs replacement? And you are thinking, how much does it cost to replace car speakers? Don’t worry; all your answers are here. 

The article details answers to all your questions, stuck in your mind related to the replacement of car speakers. The money you should spend on a car audio sound system depends on what you want from the system and how much money you have to spend.

The reality is that you do not have to use your entire life’s savings to install a decent audio system in your car. You build a proper audio system specifically designed for your vehicle for a relatively little cost under budget.

How do you analyze Costing to Replace Car Audio Systems?

It is important to wisely spend your money to get the desired output in a budget. The amount you spend on your car audio system will depend on how much you have to pay, the type of components you want to use, the quality of the audio systems’ components, the size of the sound system, and the car you install it in.

Having the sound system installed professionally is a factor; unless you know how to install it correctly yourself, you will need someone to help you, which increases the cost.

To put a figure on it, a decent sound system that includes a head unit, speakers, one subwoofer, and an amplifier will cost a minimum of $400. A sound system in this price range is not a top-of-the-line system, but it will do well for a mid-range system

Spending less than $400 will not get you anything decent unless you look at the second-hand market. Spending more will increase the quality of the system. If you have already paid $400, increasing the budget will drastically improve the system’s quality.

A budget of $600 will be enough for a good system for any car, and if you are willing to spend $1000, you will be able to build a system that will serve you well for many years without needing to be upgraded at all.

A $1000 – $1100 budget for a car audio system will allow you to purchase 4 – 6 good quality component speakers, a head unit with plenty of features, including mobile smartphone connectivity, a decent amplifier, and a good subwoofer.

Other Factors Affect Costing of Replacement

The type of system and its components also affect how much the system will cost. For example, component speakers cost more than coaxial speakers. If you use coaxial speakers in your system, you may be able to half the amount you need to spend on car audio. Still, building a high-quality, customized audio system using these speakers will be more challenging, and they do not usually sound as good as component speakers.

At the end of it, the amount you spend determines the system’s quality, but you do need to spend more than $400 – $1100 on an excellent car audio system. And it can be increased with better hardware, but this is the average price range for a decent system.

As with most automobile-related things, you get what you pay for, and as we all know, the bigger your budget, the better the system. However, you can do a lot with a modest budget, so do not worry about having to break the bank for your car audio system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do speakers lose quality over time?

Short answer, yes. Speakers do wear out over an extended period of usage. Speaker parts such as the surround, cone, capacitor in the crossover, and ferrofluid in some tweeters degrade over time, which reduces the speakers’ overall sound quality.

How do I know if my car speakers are blown?

Here are the main signs that car speakers have blown out:

1. Distorted sound, noise distortion, hissing, and fuzziness.

2. Rattling instead of music. 

3. Lack of bass, treble, or mid-tones.

4. Lack of vibration from the speakers.

5. Checking speakers for impedance.

Is replacing car speakers worth it?

Upgrading your stock car audio speakers can drastically improve sound & performance. Generally, the speakers have paper cones, small magnets, and lower quality. Replacing your stock speakers with aftermarket, high-performance car audio speakers is the way to get better sound from a car stereo.

Can a car speaker be repaired?

The answer is yes; repairing a car speaker is a simple process you can undertake independently. Before we learn how to repair a blown speaker, let’s look at how speakers work and what causes them to blow in the first place.

Step 1 –Take the speaker out

After you have narrowed it down to the speaker that needs replacement, take it out. 

Step 2 – Look for simple issues

Sometimes, the speaker’s issue can be as simple as the voice coil being moved from its place, and you can fix this very easily. 

Step 3 –Replacing the voice coil

If the voice coil is damaged, you will need to replace it to get the speaker to work. It is an easy task but will require a bit of time.

Step 4 – Replacing the diaphragm

You need to take care of some things when replacing the diaphragm. If you don’t do this, be careful not to damage the coil or spider when replacing the diaphragm

Ensure you get the correct size and power compatible with your car’s stereo system. If none of that can fix your speakers, you’ll need to replace the speakers. You can find replacement auto speakers at a parts store or order them online.


Replacing a car audio system does not have to cost as much as you may expect. It is possible to replace an audio system by spending as little as $400 without installation. This budget will not produce the most high-end system, but it will go a long way if the correct parts are used. For example, with a bigger budget, at $1100, a system is built without any compromise. But it will be good to know how much it costs to replace car speakers.

Before planning for replacement, it will be good to set a budget not to affect your daily expenses. Anyone can find audio components for their system that will perfectly match what they are looking for on this budget.

It is essential to factor in installation fees when building an audio system for your car if you do not install it yourself. It is important to have the system properly installed to prevent future problems with the system. Many people don’t include the system installation fees while setting a budget.

The article focuses on all the necessary points needed now before setting the budget for car speaker replacement. If you have any further queries write to us in our comment section and check out our related articles.

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