How to bypass factory amp without harnes

A factory amplifier bypass, as the name implies, removes your original amplifier from your system.

Technically, bypassing the amplifier, you are delivering the unamplified audio signal from your radio directly to the speakers.Remember that the amplifier is located between your stereo and your speakers.

How to bypass factory amp without harness

To begin, it’s important to know that bypassing the original amplifier is usually a 
simple process. Other times, it’s a nightmare if you don’t have the right adapter.

The problem is that if your car has a nice audio system with a subwoofer and you opt to bypass the amplifier without using the correct harness (which may cost up to $100), the receiver will only drive the four speakers and not the subwoofer.

If you want to bypass a factory amp without a harness, simply follow the 

Procedures below:

  1. First of all, you need to find the best place to locate the amplifier
  2. Disconnect the head unit
  3. Check the connections between the wires (harnesses)
  4. Determine which wires supply electricity and which ones serve as a ground for the amplifier
  5. Recognize the input cables.
  6. Speaker wires must be checked.
  7. Cross the wires in a criss-cross pattern

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