How to install 6×9 Speakers in car amplifier

A 6×9 speaker uses employments separate tweeters and woofer together with a speaker hybrid for extraordinary sound quality. 6×9 speakers are great replacements for ancient and poor-quality plant speakers. 6×9 speakers are a great and reasonable alternative. Obtaining great quality and well-built 6×9 speakers can update your sound framework to form it’s sound superior and with more bass.

Gather your tools for installation

First of all, you have to gather all the necessary tools that will be used in the installation of speakers. The list of tools, you will be needed is here.


A variety of screwdrivers (flat-head, Phillips head, etc.)

Wire cutters/strippers
Crimping tool
Allen wrenches
Small knife
Soldering iron
Electric drill
Electrical tape

Make sure that the speakers you have chosen fit your car

First of all, you have to prepare the rear deck for the installation of 6×9 speakers. Most speakers will fit in the hole, while some may require minor modifications for installation like drilling of new screw holes etc.

So, make sure to take this into account when you go to buy new speakers for installation. The installation process for Different sized speakers may be a little difficult.

Steps for Installing Speakers

  • First, disconnect your vehicle’s battery.
  • After battery disconnection, you carefully need to remove panels, grilles, and covers from the speakers. For this purpose, you may need the panel popping tool, a screwdriver, or some other tools.
  • By keeping in mind the wiring connections, remove the old speaker.
  • Connect the new speaker to the existing wiring. You have to make sure that you are connecting to the correct terminals.
  • For testing audio reconnect the battery.
  • After testing the speakers, disconnect the battery and now fully install the speakers.

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