How to make subs louder outside the car?

If you’re a party person and love enjoying loud rock music near the roadside with your musketeers. But sometimes it isn’t possible, and people ask, how to make subs louder outside the car? Is it possible or not? If you’re also looking for the answer, you’re right. The superficial result to your question is “YES”.

A subwoofer is a type of loudspeaker that produces low-frequency sound. It has a small physical size, but it can deliver a deep, rich sound. Subwoofers were initially designed as an internal element of an auto stereo. Still, if your system isn’t reaching its complete eventuality, then there is what you need to do to optimize them for out-of-door use.

It would help if you heard your music loud and clear, and you do not want to be confined to the confines of the auto to do so. Luckily, there are ways to increase the volume of your subs without ruining the overall sound of your stereo system.

You can make subs louder outside the auto by following the methods mentioned in the composition. So read out the entire piece if you want to make subs louder.

Ways To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car

Then, I explained ways to make your sub louder. Try this and be ready to enjoy rocking and loud music.

1. Adding extra amplifier

Adding another amplifier or installing an alternate woofer in a ported enclosure increases the bass position. You can also add an amplifier to your system. Adding a dual woofer to your system will increase the volume. It’sIt’s an excellent idea to install a ported enclosure with the rear window in mind.

2. Adding Power

Adding power is a great way to make subs louder outside the car. Subwoofers need other power than other speakers, making playing music outside the vehicle harder. However, you should increase the subwoofer’s ability if you want your subs to be louder.

3. Increasing The Size Of Subwoofer

Increasing the size of your subwoofer will increase the volume of your music outside the car. It’ll increase the air pressure and bass situations, which will give you a more pleasurable hardening experience. However, you can install a giant subwoofer, but this will bear some practical measures If you want your music to sound louder than inside the car. The first step in making your subs louder is to make sure you can reach the asked volume.

You will need a giant subwoofer to make your subs louder outside the motorcar. The larger the subwoofer, the further air it’ll induce, and the more atmosphere it’ll produce, the louder your music. Install it in the box if you want to make your subwoofer louder. By doing this, you’ll be suitable to increase the bass position and make it more critical.

4. Position Subwoofer in Front of Box

When making your subs louder outside your car, you must consider where they are placed in the finder window. However, the sound swells will be directed into the back of the vehicle, bouncing off the seats, If subwoofers are facing the box. It causes the bass to feel further louder while it’s more malformed. To make your subwoofer louder outside the auto, you should place it in front of the box. The sound swells from the subwoofer will be reflected into the car. Also, if you have a subwoofer facing the hinder window, you will be suitable to hear music from it indeed from a distance.

5. Duly Tune Your Subwoofers

Fine-tuning your subwoofers and getting the precise bass sound you want from your subwoofer can take some trouble and time, but it’s well worth it. A well-tuned subwoofer will give uproariousness and depth to any genre of music, but it’ll also make your subs louder.

6. Tune the Amplifier

Installing a subwoofer and amp can make your auto sound more dynamic, but just installing these factors is not enough.

For stylish results, you have to tune the settings in the amplifier. However, there will be deformation or muddy bass sounds, If you don’tdon’t bother with further adaptation.

Amplifiers have several filters that must be precisely tuned for a stylish effect. The most important is a low pass filter (LPF) and a high pass filter (HPF), which cut out all the frequentness you don’t want to work with from the sub.

Still, below are many introductory ways so you can enjoy clear and loud bass.

Suppose you want to tune the amp by yourself. 

  • Turn the subwoofer amp gain down.
  • Turn the low-pass filter over.
  • Turn the bass boost off.
  • Turn the head unit on and ensure all equalizer settings are zero.
  • Play dynamic music, but not turn on the volume over 50.
  • Sluggishly turn up the gain on the amplifier until you hear a trimming noise.
  • Back off the gain until the deformation goes down; it generally disappears with a reduction by-6 dB.

Lower the low-pass filter until you hear only bass without any medial frequentness. You may need to reduce it by over a half in some cases.

Still, turn the bass boost on and repeat the below-tuning process; if you aren’t happy with the result and your amplifier has a bass boost.

Frequently asked Questions

Is the Position of Sub goods its loudness?

Yes, Placing the sub in the wrong position can minimize your audio experience, and the produced bass can sound muffled. Thus, it would help to get a stylish place for subwoofers in the car.

Are Subs louder facing up?

This is the most common direction used by most custom car audio fanatics. By placing the subwoofer in the trunk against the last row of seats, facing away from the driver, the bass becomes more pronounced and evenly distributed across the car’s surface area.

Does a giant box make a sub louder?

Too large a box allows the driver to exceed its” mechanical limitations. Regardless of whether you believe it sounds “louder” or “better”, it’s not wise. Buy a bigger sub. a giant box makes it louder at a note above the tunning Hz.

How Much Power Do My Subwoofers Need?

The power you want to supply for your subs depends on their RMS wattage. Therefore, the RMS wattage is the first thing you want to look at when matching the suitable amplifier.

The amplifier’s power should be between 1x to 1.5x RMS power of the subwoofer for the best effect. The amplifier has to be more potent than a subwoofer because this power reserve reduces or entirely removes the risk of clipping at the highest volumes.


I hope you get the answer to how to make subs louder outside the car. In this article, I tried to answer your question. You can try this method per your car model and install a subwoofer in a stereo system.

If you are not experienced in the installation, you can seek help from professionals. Also, you can check out our related article for more use or drop your query in the comment section.

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