How to wire Car Speakers to the radio

High-end Speakers like Car Speakers have many wires & cables that must be connected properly in order to run the speakers well in your vehicles.

Therefore, we have to take care that all the sets of wires connect to the right place in order to prevent speakers from any kind of damage.

 The Following Steps & Guide will help you to wire car speakers to the radio properly without having any damage.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind before connecting speakers to the radio:-

You need to follow a laundry list of tips before proceeding with the actual method, to clamp down on frivolous steps in the future.

These tips are summarized hereunder:

  1. Set up speakers: The first and foremost step is to carefully set up your speakers. Both of your speakers must necessarily consist of two conductors; positive and likewise negative. 
  1. Connect the terminals: Connecting the terminals slightly off phase may lead them up to producing sound having a definitive effect. By out of phase we mean, the positive to the receiver and similarly, the negative to the speaker. 

To be precise, such connections won’t create a pleasing and appropriate soundstage that is supposed to come from the speakers; both the left one and the right one(the listeners’ front sides).

  1. Fasten connection: The next tip that you should not lose sight of is that your connections are tight and loose that could easily come off. 
  1. Ensure better sound quality: For impeccable and unmatched sound quality, make sure you have a stable connection that would not lead to buffers/intermittent sound, the speaker connections have to be solid.
  1. Banana plugs: This step is optional, especially when the aforementioned couldn’t be performed. One may very well turn to banana plugs or spade lugs on five-way binding posts as these offer robust and secure connectors. 
  1. Avoid going for bare wires: Alternatively, a bare wire will do in a pinch, for small and handy speakers don’t have as much space to allow for larger connectors.
  1. Stable connection: Making sure you have an undisturbed connection will give out positive and continuous results. Go over the outlets again.
  1. Subwoofers installation: People often ignore the criticality of subwoofers and how these act as active speakers(for these have in-built amplifiers). Here, you won’t need any speaker wire in order to connect the two.
  1. Long cable necessity: Bear in mind, that the need is for a long cable that would allow you to move the subwoofer however you want.

This is in case, there is a need for repositioning of your subwoofer so that it is on the same wavelength as your choice/ room theater.

  1. Look through the connections again: One is required to run their eyes through the setup again to see no two wires are connected in opposite directions.

Steps to Wire Car Radio to a Speaker

The job does not stop there. There is a full-blown procedure that one has to follow to get the speaker to ooze out music

Before we press on to the main steps, it has to bear in mind that your car speakers are subjected to a higher degree of torture than your home speakers.

These car speakers often fall prey to higher temperatures, more vibrations and instability, and overall more abuse than the home ones. So, one needs to be extra cautious while handling these car speakers.

As for the steps, they are outlined below:

  1. Disconnecting speakers: Flip open the turn and disconnect the speaker wires from the attached automotive speakers. Also, be cagey about the negative and the positive wires while unplugging them.
  1. Ascertain the speaker connection: Run your eyes over your home speaker to look for the type of connection it has, for the entire step is contingent upon this first one. 
  1. Connect positive and negative wires: If your home speaker has any wire attached to it, simply go ahead and connect the positive home speaker wire to the positive automotive speaker wire. Likewise, attach the negative home wire to the negative automotive wire. 
  1. Repeating the process: You are required to repeat the process until all of the home speakers have been secured, rather than added. There could be a case, where your home speaker may be having RCA plugs. For such scenarios, refer to the next step.
  1. RCA plug: This next step calls for pushing an RCA plug into the home speaker. Before going to the next step, make sure to disconnect the other RCA plug from the RCA cable.
  1. Stripping of wires and connecting: Next, strip ½  an inch of insulation off the wires hanging from the RCA plug. Again, the process remains the same, connect the positive RCA plug wire to the positive automotive speaker wire.
  1. Repeat the aforementioned process: Repeat the process the other way around too i.e. connecting the negative RCA to the negative automotive speaker wire, and with the rest of the wires until all of them are firmly secured.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. How do you hook up car speaker wires?

Ans: Hooking up car speaker wires is as easy as it can get. Refer to the aforementioned steps to firmly and soundly secure the speaker wires.

Q2. What is the proper way to wire speakers?


  • The best and correct way to wire your speakers is to unplug all your components and make sure none of the signals are running through.
  • Next up, you have to meticulously go through the wires head to toe and see if there is any difference that could possibly compound your efforts.
  • You are required to cut off the insulation around the first inch of the wire, leaving you with half an inch of exposed wires. Bear in mind, that you need to keep the ends separated until secured.
  • Ascertain how you’ll be connecting these wires, if there’s any cataloging vis-a-vis the wires, go ahead with that.
  • Stick the wires into their desired sockets i.e. make sure you are following the outlined procedure of pushing the left wire into the “L” socket, and likewise the other way round.
  • Secure the wires firmly so that they don’t come off just when you leave them.

Q3. Does it matter which way the car speakers are wired?

Ans: Fortunately enough, opposite wiring will not damage the amplifier or the speaker per se (the connections are, presumably, firm and secure). 

However, this polarity of wapping the positives and negatives could interiorly alter the speaker. It is urged to be cautious while advancing steps in the direction of fastening the wires. 

Q4. What color is the speaker wire for a car stereo?

Ans: There are different colors in the car stereo that stand for different places.

The gray ones that you may be seeing are for right-front speakers, and the white one stands for left-one speakers.

For the right-rear speakers, the wire color is purple. Likewise for the left-rear, you will find the green-colored wire.

For ground wires, antenna wires, and amplifiers, the wire colors are black, blue, and blue with white strips, respectively.

Q5. What are the speaker wires in a car?

Ans: Usually, there are two speakers in the rear area of the car, and similarly, two in the front area of the car.

To avoid more work, be sure to glue or tape the wires down the floors so as to avoid overlapping of the same.

These speaker wires could be identified as having different colors that have already been discussed in the paragraph before this.


The aforementioned article discusses the steps to connect your speaker to your car. One can run their eyes through the article to get their head around the tortuous steps to connect the speaker’s wires to the car’s wires.

The article sets out different ways to get them connected, and the FAQ answers the naggy doubts one could be having in the back of their heads. 

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