Which way to face subwoofer in trunk

Subwoofers are an essential part of every audio setup. A sub should, however, be able to work with other car speakers and fit in your vehicle’s available area to get the most desirable outcomes. Placing a subwoofer in the trunk has long been a crucial issue for bass enthusiasts. The way the subwoofer should face … Read more

Hardest hitting 12 inch subwoofer

On long drives, the best thing that accompanies you is a piece of good music. Music gives you company, adds enjoyment to your journey, and energizes your soul. And for good music, you need a good stereo system in your car. Music lovers who like hard-hitting music must add a 12-inch subwoofer to their music … Read more

Best Position For Subwoofer In Trunk

Music is the only entertainment the driver can safely enjoy while driving. And to elevate your music experience, you must install a subwoofer. The trunk is usually the most accessible place to put the enclosure. But you must know the best position for a subwoofer in the trunk? If you don’t know, then you are … Read more

How to Hook up 2 amps with 1 Power Wire

Is it possible to hook 2 amps with 1 power? Some people believe that putting an amplifier in their car is too difficult and should be left to the experts. Yes, that is a possibility. At first glance, it could seem not very clear, but it’s not that sensitive. It’s essentially the same as adding … Read more

Where to Connect Remote Wire for Amp

The most common question we see on the internet is, how do I connect the remote wire for the amp? Are you also the one looking for this answer? If you are among them,  read this article! Here we cover all the necessary points, where to mount and wire the amp. And we’ll guide you … Read more