How Much does it Cost to get a Subwoofer Installed

Installing a subwoofer in a stereo system adds more power and gives you an excellent music experience. But adding a subwoofer might affect your budget. So before you go, you must know how much does it costs to get a subwoofer installed in a car. Because money matters and if you know the costing you … Read more

How To Choose An Amplifier For Car Speakers

Amplifiers are the most crucial part of an audio system. No matter how good your subwoofer system is. Adding an amp to a car speaker will enhance the audio quality and improve performance. But it is important how to choose an amplifier for car speakers as there are many points to be checked while picking … Read more

how to clean subwoofer box and cones [ Step By Step ]

Sound systems are incomplete without subwoofers. In addition to reproducing the lower frequency ranges that give our favorite sounds their earth-shaking quality, they help to create a more immersive, more full sound experience for audiophiles. Over time, subwoofers can accumulate dust and even accumulate stains, which can affect their aesthetic appeal. Here’s how you can … Read more