Which way to face subwoofer in trunk

Subwoofers are an essential part of every audio setup. A sub should, however, be able to work with other car speakers and fit in your vehicle’s available area to get the most desirable outcomes. Placing a subwoofer in the trunk has long been a crucial issue for bass enthusiasts. The way the subwoofer should face in trunk is among audiophiles’ most commonly requested questions. So it is essential to know which way to face subwoofer in trunk?

Car subwoofers are often positioned in the boot or trunk, though this might change depending on available space. The ideal way to face subwoofers in a trunk is crucial to maximizing your entertainment experience, regardless of whether you use a small 8-inch subwoofer or are a fan of large subwoofers. So before starting the installation, you must know which way to face subwoofer in trunk?

Additionally, the angle at which you listen to your subwoofer significantly affects the clarity of the bass you hear. This blog post will go into great detail on how the position of your subwoofer influences your overall listening experience. 

Direction Should the Car Subwoofer Face:

As we’ve already mentioned, the trunk is the ideal place for a car audio subwoofer. However, because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for subwoofer placement, getting the intended results could be more complicated.

It can never agree upon the optimal way to face your subwoofer because bass frequencies are omnidirectional. This implies that there isn’t a particular “optimal” direction to point the subwoofer in the trunk. Nevertheless, you may always use the space in the trunk to figure out which approach is ideal for your particular arrangement.

Space restrictions, your car’s model, the type of enclosure, musical preferences, and personal preferences are a few variables that could affect the direction your car subwoofer will face. You might use a trial-and-error approach to test several positions before deciding which subwoofer direction is ideal for your system.

Here are some of the exemplary positions for positioning your subwoofer within the trunk of your car:

1. Subwoofer Facing the Rear of the Vehicle

One of the most popular subwoofer location options in the trunk is to have the subwoofer towards the back of the vehicle’s boot. This subwoofer is positioned, so the bass is directed away from the driver and the back row seats. The bass notes should sound more prominent and evenly dispersed across the room with this setup or when the subwoofer is turned away from the driver.

The best feature of this arrangement is that it enables sound to bounce off the trunk’s back before it ultimately enters your ears. The bass frequencies can resonate throughout the car thanks to the sound waves’ ability to travel the farthest.

2. Subwoofer Facing the Driver

While this orientation enables everyone to hear the deep bass, it is not the best choice for bassheads who prefer their bass boomy. Additionally, detractors of this orientation claim that while less bass is provided, the actual bass notes are still audible.

Small subwoofers or music genres that don’t require a lot of pounding respond best when the subwoofer faces the driver. So, if you enjoy listening to jazz or chamber music, this configuration is something to think about.

3. Subwoofer Pointing Up

When you have little trunk space or wish to make room for other items, it’s typical to position your subwoofer facing up. This installation technique allows you to experience great bass without taking up much space in your cargo area. This placement technique offers better high frequencies and a relatively smooth bass response when carried out correctly.

Another benefit of mounting your subwoofer upward is that it won’t shatter your car’s loose bits or rattle your glass. You may wish to test out a few to find the best placement site, just like with other placing techniques.

For example, positioning the subwoofer in the corner of the trunk may result in a more excellent overall bass response. Additionally, setting the subwoofer at the corners lets it fit nicely with your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are subs louder when they are facing up?

You’ll typically receive more spl when the subs are pointed toward the trunk than when facing the seats. The bass will be slightly tighter and less boomy when facing the seats. If the subwoofers aren’t intended for free airplay, Don’t place them in the back deck. They won’t cancel each other out if you face them in that direction.

Can a subwoofer face down?

There is one unbreakable rule: neither a front-firing subwoofer nor a down-firing subwoofer should ever be placed face down. It’s not intended for that; doing so will muck up the sound profile.

Can a subwoofer turn its side?

In conclusion, the answer is sometimes you can turn a subwoofer on its side. Can position the subwoofer on its side if it is front-firing. Only when the speaker is facing the audience is this possible. It should go without saying that the speaker cabinet must allow the subwoofer to be stable on its side, but most do.


Although the answer to the question of which way a car subwoofer should face in trunk frequently seems obvious, it is not always so. One of the most acceptable location options for your subwoofer to ensure that it delivers the most bass is placing it in the car trunk. But as we’ve already mentioned, the position of your subwoofer in your trunk will ultimately determine how well it performs.

I can’t say the right or wrong way to point your subwoofer, although you might want to point it in the direction that will produce the most fantastic bass. Before you decide which option will suit your needs the best, you might also want to consider how much room you have in your car.

Also, to get outstanding music quality, always consider getting sound damping materials to tackle your vehicle vibrations and lower engine noise. At last, whether you have the subwoofer facing up, rear, or front in the trunk, optimizing your subwoofer placement will result in a bass performance that feels best to you.

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